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From Beijing to Helsinki

Due to the relocation of my job, my son and I moved from Beijing to Helsinki early September this year. We have traveled to many countries but this was the first time of moving our home to a new country. Like anyone, we were excited and nervous before our journey started. Especially when hearing so many unpleasant logistics experiences from my colleagues I didn’t even hope that all would be smooth with us because it just sounded impossible. Never say never. All packing in Beijing was done professionally, effectively and safely. We had 11 boxes by air and 117 boxes including a piano by sea.

As I didn’t expect a smooth logistics, my son and I had 8 luggages when flying from China to Finland. We had even our winter clothes prepared, though were informed our air cargo would arrive soon after we arrive but who knows what will delay.

Magic happened! Our air cargo arrived on the 2nd day when we landed in Helsinki. Pegasus Moving who is my logistics service provider contacted me immediately. They spoke clear and excellent English. They were polite and effective. After I provided a couple of documents, they delivered to our temporary home at the agreed time. What was even more amazing was when the 117 boxes arrived, they could organize all the unpacking professionally and effectively. They took away all empty boxes and helped me with a few recycled things which I would not know what to do as a completely stranger in Helsinki.

We were so much touched and impressed by Pegasus professional, fast, smooth and caring services! They are just outstanding compared to many challenges I have encountered in the processes of moving to Finland.

I wish more people would have the pleasant moving experience with Pegasus!

Grace W.